William Kistler

Zig Zag Press is proud to announce the publication of William Kistler’s new book of poetry In The Middle of Things.

Few of today’s poets display the originality and intellectual fervor that is at the heart of William Kistler’s work. In The Middle of Things belongs among some of the most powerful contemporary poetry. Its conception and execution are unique. Its handling of lyric form—philosophical, autobiographical, political, cosmic—is as admirable as what some of our finest poets are doing. Its range of content rivals memorable fiction. “I don’t know anything about myself anymore. I don’t know when I may die. I don’t know why. This wrist is now without pain. I don’t know why it hurt.” begins the veiled speaker of In The Middle of Things. That voice could be yours, mine, anyone’s.

This collection is necessary for all readers with a serious passion for poetry.

William’s new book In the Middle of Things –  PURCHASE HERE

William Kistler attended Stanford University, where he studied Literature and Philosophy. He was on the board of Poets and Writers from 1976 to 1992, and was president from 1980 to 1985. In 1983, he co-founded Poets House (New York) and served as treasurer until 2000.

He is the author of four earlier volumes of poetry:

• The Elizabeth Sequence (1989) – Winner of the Oklahoma Book Award
• America February (1991)
• Poems of the Known World (1995)
• Notes Drawn from the River of Ecstasy (1998)

In 1992 he collected, co-edited, and wrote the lead essay for Buying America Back, a collection of 45 essays on America’s social and economic issues. A strong supporter since his university days of a balanced, democratic society, human rights and environmental integrity, Kistler continues his commitment. He lives in New York, where he remains passionate about music and painting as well as poetry.

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